Team Call 2019-10-01

October 1, 2019
Energize Your Life !
Meet Tina Kelly and Roz Coffey
Energize Your Life !
This week:
Energize Your Life !
Our two energetic Moms and Isa-Entrepreneurs ~ a middle school Math teacher and a Registered Nurse ~ followed a simple, healthy program to beat fatigue and stress, regain youthful energy, and build a business helping others do the same.
Meet Tina Kelly and Roz Coffey
As a Teacher, wife and Mom to 3 active boys, Tina knows what it's like to always feel stressed and tired. She woke up tired, was tired most of the day and napped as soon as she got home from teaching.

Tina's Isagenix Journey began in January 2016, when she responded to a friend's Facebook post and signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

She soon noticed that she was waking up earlier ~ refreshed and productive. She wasn't craving her usual share of cookies or treats and no longer needed a pot of coffee just to get through the day.

"I simply could not stop talking about how great I was feeling. I was happy, and energetic, and focused. I found it amazing that for years I was so tired and now, after just a short time of this nutritional cleansing system, I was feeling better than I had ever felt, EVER!"
Her colleagues at school began to notice the difference too. When she dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 ~ shedding 16 pounds ~ they really noticed !

With a bachelors degree in Fitness Leadership with a minor in nutrition, of course Tina dived into researching the Isagenix products to find out WHY she was feeling so much better. She discovered that the Isagenix formulators had thought of everything.

"Every 't' was crossed and every 'i' was dotted. I could officially state that Isagenix really was the key to my new-found Vitality."

Armed with her results and her confidence in the Science behind Isagenix, Tina began building her Isagenix business. One of the first people she contacted was her friend Roz Coffey.
After years of working night shifts as a registered nurse, never sleeping more that 2 to 4 hours, deep fatigue and lethargy simply became a part of Roz's life.

On top of that, this busy mother of 2 also suffered from Lupus. "I gave up on being active altogether. Who wants to work out when you can't walk, or physically function within half an hour of starting?"

Still, when Tina told her about her amazing Isagenix results and encouraged her to try it for herself, Roz just wasn't ready. "I had just lost a lot of money trying to do another business and honestly never wanted anything else to do with network marketing."

Fast forward 2 years and Roz found herself still tired, emotionally drained and stressed.

"I knew that stress and not eating right was the last thing I needed in my life. I would surely aggravate my condition and have an even harder time trying to keep it together for my kids. I remember sitting on the edge of my bed, looking into the mirror and saying to myself ~ I need something !"
After digging through old text messages from Tina, Roz messaged her that she was READY! Then she clicked the Isagenix link from Tina's facebook page and signed herself up for a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Roz's experience following the Isagenix System amazed her. "I woke up feeling like I was alive for the first time in my life!"

To date, Roz has gained 17 lbs of muscle and is the picture of great health ~ inside and out.

"I never feel lethargic anymore. I have more energy than I ever remember having and my mood is better. I eat much healthier, work out ~ and I share with people all the time."

"I love the Isagenix products, Tina and my Isagenix Team ~ and the extra income from helping others to get started on their own healthy journey !"
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